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Monday, May 19, 2008

If I knew then, what I now know .....

Thirty-six years ago, when we started out,
I had no idea, what marriage was about!
It sounded easy, simply give and take,
Decisions would be fluent, effortless to make.
After all, I was the man of the house,
All she had to do, was listen to her spouse.
But all that thinking was about to falter,
As we exchanged rings there before the altar.
I soon learned, that it takes two,
If you take that pledge and say "I do."
Now take a bed, with his and her side,
Who cares if mine is only a third as wide.
The closet is filled with blouses and skirts,
With barely enough room for a couple of my shirts.
Then I lay down the law and got that look,
I knew for sure, my goose was gonna cook.
So we came to an understanding way back then,
I make the decisions, she says when.
If I had known then, what I now know,
I wouldn't change a thing, I'd let it be so.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Happy anniversary! What a great poem. The warden must be thankful for such a wise husband;o)