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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Perils of Store Bought Teeth

Well I'm just about 5 weeks into my quest of controlling my dentures .... and learning the do's and don'ts.  If some one had just told me .... back when I still had teeth ... to "practice" eating with two large marbles in my mouth ... the switch to dentures wouldn't have been a big deal!  The first meal I ate after getting my teeth was a total disaster ... tortilla chips are a "don't" at least at this time ... unless of course the person setting close to you doesn't mind you washing them off in the tea glass!
Another "don't" is candy ... especially caramel!  That stuff is like "anti-poly grip"!  Took me two days to get my dentures unstuck.
Getting your mouth used to the dentures is sort of like getting a new pair of boots.  They can fit good but your feet get "tired" and it feels good to take them off and just rub your feet. Same thing with dentures .... and thus at night they were put into the denture cup.  My dad, a denture veteran of nearly 50 years, suggested to me that keeping them in at night would hasten my quest of getting use to them ... so I left them in the other night.
Sometime in the middle of the night I got the bottom plate turned sideways.  This of course woke me when I bite down ... I took them out and laid them on my chest, letting my tongue massage the gum.  I was planning on putting them back in before going to sleep, but I dozed off.  When I awoke sometime later, my teeth were gone!
Well I felt all around in the dark between the covers, between the sheets, under the quilt, even felt off the side of the bed on the floor .... nothing!  So, not wanting to waken the Warden, I found a flash light and and begin looking in the same places.  Finally I woke the Warden thinking maybe she was laying on them ...  I won't repeat here the conversation that took place at this time because this is a family friendly site ... just suffice to say she wasn't pleased.
With the lights now turned on I was able to find my teeth ... in the next room!  I guess the cat, who normally sleeps at the foot of the bed, found her a new play toy.  I'm just glad she didn't take them to the litter box.  Needless to say, I don't sleep with them any more ... they stay in the denture cup at night!
Another thing to keep in mind ... never lay the tubes of poly-grip and preparation H close to each other on the bathroom counter ... no matter which one is improperly used ... it makes for a bad day!


The Ponderer said...

Bill Engvall would recommend you use the preparation H on your dentures. He says it will help you whistle real good.

Staci said...

One piece of advice I have is not to lay your dentures around where the dog can find them and bite a hole clean through them.

Don't even ask how I know that. :)