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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sitting on the back porch.

There is little in life more enjoyable than "sittin' on the back porch" just enjoying life. The hot temperatures of the day are dwindling; the frustrations of the day are gone; all that's left is the cool southern breeze and the humming bird feeder to watch.

That's what caused me to realize a "fact of life". Humming birds are territorial, meaning that certain ones think that the feeder is their own and no one else can "feed" from it. I have sit for the last two hours watching a (presumably) male humming bird run off any other humming bird from this feeder. This makes me realize how "territorial" some humans are. Although I KNOW that I won't let the feeder go dry, he doesn't. We, as humans, are much the same way.

This humming bird sits on a high line about 25 feet from the feeder. If any other humming bird comes close he will dart in and chase it away! It has been hilarious to watch and the humming bird has had little time to rest.

Sound familiar?

We as "humans" spend most of our lives worried about things that never happen or never come true. We chase after anything that comes close to our space and complain about anything that even looks our way.

Maybe it would be best, if at times, we would just sit back and enjoy life.
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Jenni said...

I bought a hummingbird feeder this year. I'm not very good about refilling it, and it often runs dry. It's nice to see those little guys when I do remember to fill it, though. It's even nicer to remember that even though I am not always so reliable God is and He never lets the feeder run dry. Woe to the hummingbird who relies solely on me to meet its needs, but we can always trust in God and He is our sufficiency in all things.

It was nice to finally meet you in person the other day. Thanks for popping by, even if you did take me by surprise. Did you see me scrambling to figure out how someone would know about my blog and know where I live? Yeah, I'm not always so quick, lol.