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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Perlows

I've had the pleasure of knowing Arno and Cherie for several years now via the Internet.  Actually I think I can blame my being on Facebook specifically on Arno ... I should have known not to trust a weatherman!

Arno is a retired weatherman from NOAA and has taken my joking about weathermen very well.  Since his retirement he has pursued his "hobby" (or at least that is what he used to call it) of web page development.  His own home page is full of interesting family facts and pictures.

Cherie spent most of her career days as a stewardess ... I guess they are flight attendants now days.  Arno says she was a "natural" for that job since she's always up in the air over something!!  Cherie is also a therapeutic masseuse now and works part time somewhere in STL.  (And after eating breakfast there last week, she could be a chef!)

Actually, with their picturesque home, their genuine hospitality and the good eats ... they need to start a bed and breakfast!!

In their spar time Cherie pursues stage acting and art; Arno plays soccer and runs marathons.  Actually our friendship is a little strange when you get to thinking about it, they're city people who have traveled the world and current in the arts and culture.  I'm a country boy who has never traveled out of the Midwest and counts drinking coffee at the Stockman as a cultural experience.

We do have one BIG thing in common .... a love for our family and grand kids.

Thanks again Arno and Cherie for the hospitality and the very delicious breakfast.  Your turn to come to KS!

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U City Two said...

We loved having you Dennis and are looking forward to seeing more of you. Perhaps the Warden will make the journey next time.