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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Store bought teeth

Yesterday was the culmination of a seven month ordeal.  It started back in January when I had two front teeth on the lower jaw abscess on me.  As usual, the pain begin to increase to the unbearable category by late Friday evening. Our daughter, who works for a dentist, was able to get ahold of her boss and get some prescription antibiotics before the pharmacy closed.  And she set me up with a dental appointment for the following Tuesday.  

Saturday I set all day in pain, vowing I would pull the teeth myself if I had a good set of pliers.  Sunday morning the abscess begin to drain, greatly relieving the pain.  By Monday, with pain and swelling all gone I decided there was no use going to the dentist ... however I was out voted by the Warden... and the teeth were extracted.

Now, with my smile looking like a picket fence, options were examined to remedy the problem, procedures explained, processes discussed and alternatives analyzed.  It came down to two reasonable solutions:
option 1) over the next 2 years, insert some bridges, crown some molars and a root canal or two.
option 2) Store bought teeth by August 1.

I took option number two and on May 20 (the Warden and I's 38th anniversary) I had the left side teeth extracted.  We vowed to put off the steak supper to another time.  Two weeks later the right side was extracted and I had exactly 6 upper front teeth left.  Eating anything with a "crunch" was becoming impossible.  If it didn't fit through a straw it would be an all day job getting it munched up enough to swallow. 

I went in the last of June to have a "molding" made.  Then a dry run to check out the trial model and pick out the color.  Everything was ready to go ... so yesterday doc pulled the remaining 6 top front teeth and put in my nice white store boughts!!  Now when I smile, they are white and even!  Only time in my life I have looked in the mirror and seen an even smile.

As I set here this morning, I can think of only one draw back to this new set ... I ain't had a dip of snuff since yesterday noon!

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Patricia said...

Doesn't sound like a bad draw back.