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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weight Watching With The Warden

Several weeks back, the Warden and a teacher friend of hers decided it was time to get serious about losing the extra pounds.  Now the Warden wasn't a BIG woman, but she wasn't the 106 pound bride I married either.  (She looked a little anorexic back then!)  But none the less, with the current size dresses beginning to stretch to the limit .... she vowed to get back into the smaller size dresses she had in the back of the closet.

She and her friend have been diligent in attending the meetings, counting the points on a daily basis and increasing the exercise routine.  And, I must say, the results are becoming noticeable ... even to the casual observer.  Even some of the other staff members have joined in with diet plans of their own and "weight loss fever" has spread through out the community.

The subject has even become the main topic at the Stockman now ... although not in the same light.  As Clem took his first sip the other day, he said "Pass me one of those donuts.  I have got to have something sweet."

"Claire got you on a diet too?" asked Clyde.  "Cleta came home the other day and announced 'WE are going to loose weight'.  And she hasn't cooked anything edible since!"

"I was checking the fridge for a snack yesterday," Clem continued, "you'd think it was ole mother Hubbard's cupboard!  Nothing there but carrot sticks!"

"Yeah, it's getting pretty bad," Clyde said as he passed the last donut to Clem, "when a week old donut is considered a delicacy!"

Then they both looked at me, seriousness written in their expression.  Clem stated, "I'll buy your gas if you'll run up to Peoria and bring us a box of the danishes from Carl's!"

Clyde added, "And I'll kick in another $50 if you'll get back here by tomorrow morning's coffee!"

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BlessedMom62 said...

Hey there!!! Enjoyed reading some of your posts again! Haven't heard from you in a long while, hope things are well! My oldest turned 18 today! Boy, that went by fast!