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Friday, January 28, 2011

Stockman discussions

One never knows what subjects will be brought forth over coffee each morning at the Stockman.  Most of the time it contains the weather, very often the markets and like as not something will be brought up concerning politics.  There will most likely be discussions about "remember when" or "what was that guy's name" based on foggy memories. 

But on occasion, serious discussions between life long friends arise, which is what happened this morning.

Chester had sat rather quiet, sipping his morning coffee and appeared listening to the morning palaver but didn't offer his normal retorts.  Clyde, noticing his friends unusual inconversable silence, ask "Something bothering you Chester?"

"Well" Chester began, "Cleta and I've been having a few words lately.  Just kinda got me thinking."

"What kind of words?" Clyde asked with true concern for his long time friend.

"Cleta says I've lost all my romanticism.  She says I no longer look at her the way I use to" Chester explained.  "She says I never bring her flowers anymore or take her out to eat or things like that.  She says I need to be more like Clem.  Clem gives his wife a kiss every morning before going out to chore.  Clyde, do you do that?"

Clyde looked real thoughtful, took another sip of his coffee and said, "Well Chester, I really don't know Clem's wife well enough to give her a kiss every morning."

I guess now we know why Clyde is a rancher and not a marriage counselor.


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The Ponderer said...

Good to see you post another one! They are alwasys good!